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Network Dream

Poster for Georgia Pacific Paper 16″ x 20 “  polymer on tooled copper panel Image used for Design conference promotion Art- Available / studio


Georgia Pacific Paper- client.  Poster for design conferences polymer on tin panel- private collection


University of Washington

Sea Grant poster image. Every year the client gives me a list of animals, items having to do with the project research. My job is to figure out how to…


Forces of Nature

Poster image for a printer to showcase printing/ color polymer on tin panel- framed in shadowbox art/ available-studio


Wind Power

Client- Santa Fe Natural – Image for timeline mural 14″ x 18 ” polymer on tin panel collection of Santa Fe Natural


Sea Grant

University of Washington- client Poster image for the Sea Grant project. 11″ x 17 ” polymer on tin panel collection of University of Washington


JVC Jazz Festival

Poster image for JVC Jazz festival polymer on tin panel   ( private collection )



Merck/ Maxalt client- image for detail aid cover. Brand art Maxalt a migraine drug polymer on tin panel Art/ available -studio


Freedom from Pain

Merck/ Maxalt client. Maxalt drug for migraine headache image depicting freedom from pain/ detail aid cover Art/ available/ studio


NYU cover art

NYU- client cover art for catalog   11″ x 14 ” polymer on tooled tin panel collection of NYU