Unusual Collage

You can be creative with stuff you find

In this exercise students will explore creativity by using found images
from magazines. Students will cut out random parts of food, animals,
people. Next they will reasemble into a new hybrid creature. The students
will use layers of clear shelf paper to capture and hold images in place.
Students may also paint over areas and ad extra layers of image and background. The image will be trimmed to size last. Extra effects may
be possible if the students are able to scan and manipulate digitally.

Students learn a collection of random stuff can become image making. They learn about planning, sponteneity, and transparent vs opaque layers. Non-intimidating project with fantasic results.

all ages –


colored paper
acrylic paint
various brushes
clear shelf paper
water bucket
paper towels
paper plates

project can be offered all dry media / less mess

time- 45 minutes- hour
can be run for muliple sessions
Illustration board/ panels
acrylic paint 3-4 colors
Black India ink ( waterproof )
rubber cement
plastic squeeze bottle ( one per student
rubber cement pick up
various brushes
water bucket
paper plates
paper towels

For more information, please contact me