Symbology and Concepts Workshop

Learn to visually communicate

Students will explore simple to complex visual communication.
In this exercise students will draw on yellow sticky notes.
This allows for each drawing to be self contained and able to stick
to a wall. Students start with simple local images of New Mexico:
students draw Zia, roadrunner, cactus. Then a little harder- Cryptozoology:
Sasquatch, Mothman, Chupacabra. Next the students draw a symbol for Police, Fire, Medical. Then they draw a a character design for donut, taco, hamburgeror hotdog. Then the students communicate more abstract concepts such as Social Network, Karaoke, Hybrid, Sustainable. Last the students each
write down an adjective and a noun. Instructor mixes and matches with
unusual pairings, creating a musical band name, and a visual to go along with it.
Example of some of the names done in past workshops, “Unfortunate Panda,”
“Magical Cactus,” “Delicious Dragon,” “Electric Squirrel.”

In a fun way, students learn group dynamics, visual communication, and the power of graphic symbology.

all ages

Post it note pad ( yellow )
Black sharpie marker

45 minutes- can run over several days

For more information, please contact me