Funky Folk Painting/Simulated Block Print

Freedom from anxiety = creativity

In this exercise students will paint a funky painting. The painting can be
primitive. The students knowing that they are going to cover up the painting
find a tremendous freedom to be creative. Next the students plan which area
of the painting will be black and what area will show the painting. The students mask out areas with rubber cement squeezed from a plastic bottle.
The negative space not covered with rubber cement will be black. Students
paint over the image and dried rubber cement with black ink (waterproof).
Once dry, the students peel up the rubber cement to reveal a new looking image. The final product resembles a woodblock print/ folk painting.

Students learn to plan in advance, learn to think in reverse, see negative space
in a non-intimidating project with fantastic results.

all ages

workshop time
45 minutes – one hour

best if done over a few sessions

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