Faux Japanese Prints, taught by a real Japanese guy

Exploring randomness as a creative concept

Students will explore creating a simulated Japanese print/ scroll
using texture washes, ink, brushwork, sanding. In this exercise
students will texture a panel with tinted gesso, allow to dry. Next
the students will apply random washes, and marks. Next the students
will anchor the image with a single subject. Students discover the magic
where pattern, line, and random marks interlace.

Students learn about randomness as a creative concept, negative space, line
wash, and texture use.Sometimes less is more with fantastic results.

all ages

workshop length 45 minutes- 1 hour
works best if continued for 2-3 sessions

Gesso white
illustration board
Black India ink ( permanent )
various brushes
Burnt umber acrylic paint
Sand paper 220
water bucket
paper towels
paper plates

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